Little Puppy Dog Tails


I am obsessed with my dog and that will never change. I know lots of people that love their dogs, but on Thanksgiving, I opened my bedroom door to Marley, my 3 year old golden doodle, and said how thankful I am for her. I had to pee real bad, at this point I am 21 weeks pregnant and I still sat down on the ground for 5 minutes, hugged and kissed the crap out of her.

For my golden birthday, I was 8, I got a puppy. I had asked every birthday, every Christmas for a puppy. I even watched the neighbor’s dog that then had puppies. My mom said dogs would wander into the yard and their I would be loving and petting the dog. Needless to say Chloe my first dog love only lived till 7 as she had terrible arthritis and tore her back ACLs. I had longed for that same feeling I had with Chloe, although my parents did get two more dogs, who I have loved dearly but neither of those dogs chose me. I strongly believe that a dog chooses an owner, from there a connection is made and I hadn’t had that since her. But it was three years into dating my husband, I begged for a dog, he wasn’t sold. A friend of ours had gotten a golden doodle and he went and met him, I think he fell in love and the idea of dog was more appealing. So after a short search we got a call one day that a breeder had a female doodle, we went to the house and after two hours of deciding whether or not we could handle caring for a puppy we pulled the trigger. The rest is history.

I am literally getting teary eyed as I write this; I just love her so much. She is pretty perfect in my mind. She listens, is great with kids and isn’t annoying. I have heard that a baby changes you’re relationship with your dog but Marley is far more than a dog to me, she is my first baby. Shit, she literally goes to daycare at least once a week so she can play, her dad gives her a doggy ice cream cup EVERY NIGHT and she sleeps in our bed. I am honest that I am sure some changes will be made but she is never going to fall to the side.

But there is nothing like a boy and his dog and Marley will be just that to our son. I’m excited to share in these moments with her and have her be a part of the journey. You literally only get at most 15 some years with a dog, something that becomes family, and she may not realize it but she has prepared us so much for being parents, I can’t begin to thank her for teaching us how to be a team! So in honor of my Marley, Mar Doots, Marzapan, Marzapantalones, Mar Zee I just want to let you know that your baby mom loves you! – Lauren

Things you never read about

I have learned so much in my 21 weeks of pregnancy, and most of it has been things I never expected. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, I had extreme restless legs and insomnia…I am talking maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. I got told by many people to get used to it, in a couple months you won’t sleep anyways. Really? My newborn isn’t going to let me sleep a full eight hours? Damn, why did I get myself into this mess? Thanks for the advice and wisgrowingahumandom of all those who informed me that my newborn wasn’t going to sleep. I on the other hand didn’t put my name down to not sleep in my first trimester, but the restless legs and insomnia were a learning experience.

This relaxin hormone shit, like come on, there is nothing relaxing about what you’re doing to my body. I have had terrible sciatica, pinched nerves in my neck, and just fun ol back pain. Lesson learned. I also didn’t know how frail I would be, I basically wasn’t allowed to cross the street by myself. People, people, people I am only growing a child, I am not 100 and dying, let me lift the 2lb box, I think I will survive.

On a real note though, I didn’t know how terrifying it is to be pregnant, worrying every single day about something you have little to no control over. I am eating right, not doing drugs and not tossing em back in the evenings. Why don’t women talk about how scary it is, everyone just says how exciting it is? I am beyond excited to be a mother but I worry everyday something could go wrong. Questions of will he be healthy, will something happen to me. Last week I actually had my anatomy scan, the tech left the room to tell me to change (lovely transvaginal was first) and I couldn’t help but cry in fear, like not finding out would be better. Luckily we have a healthy growing boy. I on the other hand was told to not worry about my low lying placenta. Alright, makes perfect sense, tell a hormone enraged women to not worry. But I am sure this is the tip of the iceberg of the things I have yet to learn. – Lauren